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Door lock

Special Price Fingerprint Hanging Bag Lock Password Lock

Special Price Fingerprint Hanging Bag Lock Password Lock

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Product information:

Fingerprint sensor and semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology
120 * 120 record 5 times and save 10 groups
Fingerprint head shape: 10.4 * 10.4mm
The storage capacity is less than 10 groups of fingerprints
False recognition rate < 0.001%
Rejection rate < 2%
Fingerprint collection time ≤ 0.5 seconds
Fingerprint matching time ≤ 1.0 seconds
Administrator fingerprint capacity: < 2 sets of fingerprints
Fingerprint setting: short press to unlock, long press 3S to set fingerprint, long press 6S to delete fingerprint

Texture of material:
Material: lock body material: aluminum alloy
Lock beam material: stainless steel
The diameter of lock beam is less than 4mm
No mechanical lock cylinder

Battery: lithium battery 60mah 3.7V
The charging current is less than 5V / 100mA
For more than 3 months
The red light is off
Waterproof grade: not waterproof
Product size: 55x27x13.4mm
Low power alarm < 3.3V
LED light and tricolor light
USB interface micro USB 5V 0.5A (emergency + charging)
Bare metal size: 55x27x13.4mm
Weight: 21g

Package size: 7.6 * 11 * 1cm

Weight: 31G

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